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Bong can, of course, provide bespoke envelopes of different design, colour and finish.

However, there are standard international sizes, following standard ISO 269 and designed for use with ISO 216 standard paper sizes.

These international standard sizes are:

FormatDimensions (mm)
(Depth x width)
Suitable for content format
DL110 x 2201/3 A4
C7/C681 x 1621/3 A5
C6114 x 162A6 (or A4 folded in half twice)
C6/C5114 x 2291/3 A4
C5162 x 229A5 (or A4 folded in half once)
C4229 x 324A4
C3324 x 458A3
B6125 x 176C6
B5176 x 250C5
B4250 x 353C4
E3280 x 400B4